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Winter Roof Inspection & Preparation

The summer season has come and gone and the fall season is about to do the same. Before we know it winter will be upon us and piles upon piles of heavy snow will be sitting on our rooftops–especially for homeowners in Connecticut. Although it sounds lovely in theory, this could be a cause for concern for a lot of people. To avoid catching yourself in the middle of winter with a roofing issue, it’s important to get your roof inspected before winter. The holiday season can be expensive enough as it is and the last thing you want to do is add a roofing problem to the list. Being proactive about your roof can help you avoid that issue; performing a winter roof inspection and preparation for the season will help you avoid a very expensive headache this season!

Steer Clear of Additional Avoidable Roofing Expenses

The chances are your roof took a huge beating over the summer. The summer storm season is often unkind to our roofs and storm damage is a real thing. How does that relate to your roof in the winter? Surprisingly enough, most of the roofing problems you encounter in the winter stem from the storm damage done over the summer. As the weather starts to get colder, your roof contracts, and the added weight from the snow and ice can start to aggravate the damage that was caused by the summer storms. 

Getting a roof inspection before the winter season can help you identify the existing issues and get only the necessary repairs you need. This also helps you to steer clear of additional roofing expenses that were a result of aggravated roofing issues.

Make Sure Your Roof Stays Functional All Winter Long

In Connecticut, we experience steady freezing temperatures all season long.  If you want to avoid any chance of your roof springing a leak in the dead of winter, and being exposed to the cold and drafty weather, it’s best to get your roof inspection done prior to the upcoming winter season. Performing preventative maintenance or even replacing your old roof before severe winter weather hits is preferred to waiting until it’s too late! 

Repair or Replace Your Roof While the Climate is Optimal

It’s no surprise that snowy, icy, and cold weather isn’t ideal for a roof replacement or repair. There is also a possibility that your roof replacement may have to be rescheduled to the spring depending on the weather conditions. To avoid encountering these issues, we recommend getting a roofing inspection before the winter so you have time to get the roof replacement or repairs that you need. 

Roofing Services in Connecticut

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