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Will Insurance Pay for My Roof Replacement?

Your roofing system is a critical component of your home’s structure. An in-tact roof protects your home, preserves its value, and maintains its beauty and curb appeal. When your roof is damaged by a storm, it must be replaced quickly to prevent the elements from damaging underlying structures (which can cause a snowball effect of other replacement work and decreased curb appeal and home value). Replacing your roof is not inexpensive – it can be pricey – so all homeowners with storm damage wonder: will insurance pay for my roof replacement? 


What kind of roof damage is covered by insurance?

In general, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of your roof replacement if your roof is relatively new/young and the damage resulted from a sudden event like a tornado, hurricane, fire, or similar natural disaster. If your roof is old (over 20 years) or has very minor damage, your insurance is unlikely to pay for a replacement. Usually, insurance will pay for significant storm damage caused by:


  • Hail
  • Wind (like that from hurricanes)
  • Tornadoes 
  • Lightning strikes
  • Weight damage from snow or ice (blizzard)


When is my roof replacement not covered by insurance?

Your insurance company will not cover the cost of roof replacement due to normal wear and tear, or if you have failed to maintain your roof correctly. For example, if you have allowed pests (like squirrels) to infiltrate your roofing system, causing damage, that replacement would not be covered, and you’ll have to pay out of pocket. 

Another consideration is personal property damage caused by roof damage. Even if your insurance company pays to replace the roof, what about all your stuff stored in the attack that got destroyed by an ice dam that caused a flood in your attic? Usually, it’s not covered. Maintaining your roofing system, keeping it free of pests, and mitigating potential flooding and other damage quickly keep your home (and belongings) safe. 


How to get your roof replacement covered by insurance

Every homeowner who needs a roof replacement would rather insurance pay for it. If your roof needs replacing due to storm damage or events beyond your control and your roof is less than 20 years old, you’ll want to:


    1. Hire a roofing contractor (like us!) We can assess the situation and make temporary repairs to prevent the spreading of damage while your insurance claim is pending.
    2. Take photos of the damage to your roof by the storm or other unexpected event.
    3. File your claim. We can guide you.


Roof replacement contractor in Connecticut

Harmony Home Improvement has been helping Connecticut homeowners navigate roof replacement with their insurance companies for over 20 years. If your roof needs replacing, whether you think your insurance will pay for it or not, give us a call, and we will help you! You don’t need to figure this out on your own.

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