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Will I Need to Leave My Home During a Roof Replacement?

Getting a roof replacement is no simple matter. The entire process is noisy and messy, and there’s a chance that the project will leave parts of the home exposed to the elements for a short duration of time. This is why most home improvement contractors usually recommend that residents take their leave for the entire duration.

Will I Need to Leave My Home During a Roof Replacement?

But you can stay at home during a roof replacement. It will require some preparation on your part, but it isn’t impossible. Just note that it won’t be as comfortable as it would be under normal circumstances. You will also need to prepare everybody else in your home for what to expect, which can be a bit more complicated.

Preparing the Property

First off, one of the best ways to help yourself get more comfortable at home during a roof replacement is to help the residential roofing services provider in ensuring that the process flows seamlessly. That way, the roofing project can proceed without a hitch, and finish on time (or earlier, if you’re lucky).

This means that you will need to make sure that they have ample space for all of their equipment. If you have furniture around the perimeter of your home that might limit their movement, or give them a hard time accessing your roof, move it before they arrive. This will help them set up faster, and get to work faster. This will also help you keep your furniture (and even your car!) from getting damaged by the construction.

Preparing Your Family

Normally, most families would prefer to stay away from the construction site whenever a roofing project of this magnitude is underway. The project is fairly messy and noisy, so this makes sense. But as we said earlier, it isn’t impossible to live comfortably in a home that’s getting a replacement. People just need to know what to expect.

Before the construction takes place, talk to your family first, especially the children. Let them know what will be happening, and make sure they are aware that they can safely stay in the home for the duration of the project. They just have to be okay with the noise level that comes with the roof installation.

They will also have to be aware that some areas will be safer than others. The key here is to stay away from potentially dangerous areas.  If you can, try to get the head of your contractor team to talk to your family with you. They can offer more actual and actionable advice and will be able to give concrete examples and protocols to your family.

If you need help with planning a roof replacement or exterior vinyl siding installation project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Harmony Home Improvement. We will help you get your projects done while making sure you and your family are prepared for it.

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