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Why Your Asphalt Roof Is Losing Granules

Visit any residential neighborhood in the U.S. and 7 out of 10 homes have some form of asphalt roofing on top of their homes. This ubiquity is not only because of its low cost but also because of its effectiveness at resisting anything from solar damage to water and wind shear. 



However, unlike other roofing options, asphalt roofing’s life span is much shorter. One reason is that its granules, which lend it its strength, also contribute to its relatively short longevity.


In today’s post, your residential roofing services provider, Harmony Home Improvement, discusses why this happens.


Storm Damage


It’s rare that a Category 5 hurricane hits Connecticut, but you can’t always be too sure when the weather is involved. Asphalt roofs can suffer damage not just from hurricanes, but other weather conditions, such as the recent years’ polar vortices. Hail is also one of the major ways that granule loss happens—and sometimes, even roof damage too.




Everything ages, and when your asphalt roof does, it loses its granules. Asphalt loss, in this case, would make the roof look like it has bald spots, compromising the protection it provides the home. If your roof is over 20 years old and losing its granules, chances are it’s because of age. When you need to replace your roof, installing replacement windows would also be a good package for an all-around upgrade.


Improper Installation


Even a new roof may lose granules if it’s installed incorrectly or if the new roof has a manufacturing defect. In this case, you would want to replace them as soon as possible. Also, note that it’s normal to find a few granules in your gutter when you’ve just installed it, properly or otherwise.


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