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Why and How Siding Improves Energy Efficiency

Not many homeowners look at just how energy efficiency can benefit their homes and wallet. While it’s a fact of life that utility bills tend to be expensive, there’s absolutely no reason to look for ways to save and/or trim your bills where you can. 


One of the easiest ways to do so is to replace your siding. In today’s post, Harmony Home Improvement, your provider of vinyl siding installation services, discusses why and how.


Old, Worn-Out Siding


Old siding, or practically any siding that’s in worn-out condition or in disrepair, doesn’t do the job anymore. Not only is it an eyesore, but the gaps, cracks, and fissures on it may let heat out (or in, depending on the season). This can affect the performance of your HVAC units, which will need to work harder to keep up with the extra difference in temperature.


Maintenance is all well and good, but if your siding is old, it’s likely more cost-effective to replace it. At Harmony Home Improvement, we can pair your new siding with our replacement window services for an all-around energy-efficient upgrade.




Siding contributes to energy efficiency thanks to a thing called R-value. This is a measurement of any material to resist the conduction of heat. The more a substance can resist heat flow, the higher its R-value, and the more valuable it is in terms of insulation (and by extension, energy efficiency).


A material with an R-value of 13 will do in most cases for siding. Vinyl has an R-value of 13, which we can install at Harmony Home Improvement.


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