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What You Should Know About Door Swelling

If you notice that your wooden door has changed in size, your eyes are probably not tricking you. Other homeowners have also seen their doors expand over time and fortunately, this issue can still be fixed.

Harmony Home Improvement, a trusted provider of residential roofing services, explains how this occurs and shares three ways you can solve the problem.

Why Door Swelling Happens

Made of porous materials, wooden doors can contract in dry air and expand in humidity. The location of your home and the door itself are factors that can contribute to door swelling. For instance, homes in southern humid states and northern snow states are more likely to encounter this issue because their doors are often exposed to heavy moisture in the air.

This is the reason why home improvement contractors recommend getting a good water-repellent finish for wooden doors. Using a dehumidifier and opening a window during showers may also help as these can limit moisture in your home.

What to Do in Case of Door Swelling

Door swelling isn’t a hopeless case. With the help of a reliable professional, you can have your door serviced and back to excellent condition. Here are a few solutions that you may have to consider:

1. Refinishing

In this method, the door will have to be removed and a new finish applied. You should consider hiring a professional to do this as they will know how to correctly apply the coats. You can expect this fix to last a few years.

2. Planing

If you’re keen on getting a more long-term solution, consider planing your door. Door removal will be necessary here. And with the use of a hand plane, your contractor will trim sixteenth of an inch from areas that rub. They will also have to sand the area, refinish and rehang the door. Experts recommend doing this in warm seasons.

3. Replacement

If either solution seems insufficient to you, you can always opt to replace your door. Fiberglass doors are usually a good alternative, but other door types will do just as well if you ensure proper care and maintenance.

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