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What to Do After Your Siding Has Suffered From Storm Damage

Like your roof, your siding is one of your home’s first lines of defense against the elements. With that in mind, you can expect it to sustain some damage whenever a storm passes by. Often, these damages usually vary from something minor like chipped paint to major issues like cracking, chipping, or breaking. Regardless of what damage it is, it’s always best that you do something about it immediately. But what exactly can you do about your siding after a storm?

Here, the siding and residential roof replacement pros of Harmony Home Improvement reveal what you can do after your siding has suffered from storm damage.

Understand Your Coverage

If you have plans of filing an insurance claim for your siding, make sure that you understand your coverage. As a rule of thumb, always check your policy to thoroughly understand what it covers so you can get the best deal within that coverage. This is because some policies vary in their conditions; for example, your insurance policy may include an extra provision that says they’ll re-side the whole house even if the storm damaged a single area only.

Find a Match

One of the trickiest parts of replacing your damaged siding is that you need to locate new materials that match the look of your current panels. According to siding and residential roofing contractors, this may not be an easy feat as the original manufacturer may have gone out of business since you first got your current siding or they may have stopped producing the same product. If this is the case, then you’ll have no choice but to re-side the entire home.

Make a Claim

Before you make a claim, enlist the services of a professional siding contractor to give you an estimate on how much the replacement will cost. After that, you can now contact your insurance provider to make your claim. Make sure to work with them as closely as possible so you’ll be able to get the best deal out of your insurance policy.

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