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What to Ask When Choosing a Siding Contractor

When you’re looking to have the sidings of your home replaced, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful when choosing the right contractor. You may already have a few contractors in mind, but who is the right one for the job? Ask these questions and you’ll be able to tell the professionals from the amateurs before you start your project.

1. “Can you provide me with your business license?”

It’s important that the siding contractor that you’ve chosen should be registered and have the proper business licenses. Ask this to confirm that they are not performing their work illegally.

2. “How much experience do you have?”

Ask your potential contractor about their experience in the industry. It is a good indication if they offer you a business card or a letterhead with a physical address. If you want to have vinyl sidings for your home, ask them about their experience in installing vinyl sidings. A good siding contractor knows they have a name to uphold, even for their vinyl siding installation services

3. “What are your warranties?”

You need to verify that your siding contractor is fully aware of the warranties that come with materials used for your project. This is to avoid any issues later on, like unexpected repairs.

4. “How long will the project take?”

Ask this question to know if the siding contractor will continuously work on your project until its completion. This also to avoid contractors who start your project then takes off to start on other projects.

5. “Does your project estimate include all costs?”

You need to verify with your potential siding contractor all the costs of your project, including labor and materials. The cost of waste removal and applicable permits should also be verified as well as other incidental costs. There will also be unforeseen costs during the renovation process as soon as you remove your original siding. For example, you may need to have one of your windows replaced due to an accident during the renovation process. Make sure your contractor can also offer good replacement window services.


6. “Who will supervise the project site?”

It’s important to know that your project is under good management and is properly supervised. Ask this to know if your contractor’s employees will work on the project or whether it will be subcontracted and supervised.

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