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What Roofers Look For During a Roof Inspection

You need to keep your roof resilient and in top condition, year in and year out; that’s already a given. A great way to do so is by having your roof regularly and professionally inspected. Here are some things expert roofing and home improvement contractors like Harmony Home Improvement can help spot while conducting roofing inspections.

Shingle Deterioration

Your roofing shingles don’t just help your home look beautiful on the outside. Forming the outermost layer of your roof, they defend your home against the dangers of extreme weather or temperature changes. The right type of shingles also helps keep your indoor temperature more bearable and improve ventilation throughout your home.

Flashing Detachment

Certified residential roofing services experts like Harmony Home Improvement will inspect your flashing. Flashing, installed in places such as on your eaves, valleys and around your chimneys, keep moisture from getting under shingles or, worse, beneath the underlayment. Flashing helps direct water that falls on your roof straight into your gutters and kept away from the rest of your home.

Gutter Damage

No roofing system is complete without properly functioning gutters and downspouts. Gutters drain your roof and keep water from seeping into your siding or even your foundation. Clearing them of debris on a regular basis and especially after instances of severe weather is a must.

Keep your roof strong and your home safe for as long as possible with the help of roofing and exterior vinyl siding installation expert, Harmony Home Improvement. As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, we know exactly what to look for in identifying even the hidden signs of roofing damage. Call us at (860) 516-9103. We offer free estimates for homeowners located in Glastonbury, CT.


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