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What a Professional Roofing Inspection Covers

As trusted experts in roofing and exterior vinyl siding, we know how important it is to have your roof built to withstand any kind of unpredictable weather. To make sure that your roof does its job right, you need to have reliable roofing contractors who can conduct a professional inspection, so you’ll know which parts of your roof needs repairing or replacing. You can certainly check the roof by yourself, but you need to know that a self-inspection is very much different from a professional one.

A Self-Inspection Doesn’t Cover Everything

You can probably spot some of the more visible roof problems, such as missing or flapping shingles, without climbing on the roof. But there are other types of damage and they’re not as visible to the untrained eye. This is why it’s important to get a professional opinion.

Let’s say your roof is still new, or at least under five years old. It shows no signs of interior leaks and hasn’t been exposed to major weather events since the last time it was inspected. Under these conditions, a visual inspection from the ground is probably all you need, as well as a quick check for leaks in your attic. However, a more comprehensive roof inspection should be conducted by a professional roofing professional, especially since they have the knowledge and experience for the job.

What You Can Expect in a Professional Inspection

  • Material Inspection – Your roof will be checked for loose, missing, or curling shingles. Only professional roofing and home improvement contractors can check for these issues efficiently, as well as rust, stains, and missing components such as fasteners and flashing. Your roof will also be checked for any gaps or weathering at the rubber boots and seals around the vent pipes. So for instance, if they find some shingle aggregate settled around your roof’s valleys or on the ground at the bottom of the gutter downspouts, they’ll likely advise you that your home needs a roof repair soon.
  • Structural Inspection – Along with material instruction, your roof will also be inspected for any signs of roof sagging. This includes inspection of masonry chimneys for any sign of crumbling grout, cracks, and other damage. They’ll also take a closer look at your fascia and soffit’s condition as well. Your roof’s gutter system and interiors will also be inspected, including the attic’s ventilation.
  • Workmanship Inspection – Finally, your roof will be examined whether it was built properly or with poor workmanship. A shoddy roofing job can easily lead to possible roof damage later unless addressed immediately. This includes inspecting whether the flashing around roof penetrations are properly installed.

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