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TPO: The Most Energy-Efficient Commercial Roof

Substantial energy savings for your commercial property is always a running goal, so it makes sense to invest in a TPO roofing installation. Harmony Home Improvement tells you more about this “cool roof” and what makes it one of the most energy-efficient improvements for your commercial property.

What Is a “Cool Roof”?

Having a cool roof on your property is like wearing a light-colored shirt under the sun; it reflects sunlight, substantially reducing the heat that gets absorbed through the roof. This happens because heat from the sun comes from invisible infrared rays and like other parts of sunlight, it bounces off reflective areas. The more reflective the roof is, the less heat gets absorbed.

What this means is that your commercial property’s indoor spaces place less load on your air conditioning systems, resulting in a substantial reduction of your monthly energy bills. Certain commercial roofing systems like TPO even has additional properties like the ability to radiate already-absorbed heat, which further reduces indoor cooling requirements. Cool roofs also help minimize the urban heat island effect and its environmental impact.

TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is the best commercial roofing option to maximize the benefit of cool roofs. TPO roofing usually comes in white, which gives it cool roofing properties upon installation. In fact, certain TPO roofing products are ENERGY STAR®-certified.

In addition to its energy efficiency features, TPO is a highly durable commercial roofing option, which can withstand chemicals, debris and moderate foot traffic. TPO roofing is installed using a heat weld method, which is several times stronger than adhesive or ballasted membrane roofing. This makes it ideal for protection against high winds. And with an expected life span of 25 to 35 years, it has a positive impact on your long-term property upkeep costs.

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