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Top Roofing Choices for 2019

2019 has seen some new additions in both residential and commercial roofing systems, as well as some long-awaited improvements on a few of the old favorites. Choosing the right type of roofing could mean the difference between having a beautiful and energy-efficient home or building — and not.

Our professionals at Harmony Home Improvement offer a closer look at the best roofing options this year has to offer.

The American Staple

Over 70% of residences in North America are roofed with asphalt shingles. The demand for this material has seen better days, however, as more and more homes are making the switch to more energy-efficient alternatives. Nevertheless, the sheer number of options for asphalt roofing has kept it the number one choice for homeowners across the nation. Manufacturers have also made strides in improving the efficiency of this trusty roof, giving it energy ratings comparable to other types of roofing materials.

Metal Roofing

If you’ve ever seen old countryside barns roofed with sheet metal, then you know how durable this material is. Those structures have stood for generations and their metal roofing has remained, for the most part, intact and in good shape. The strength and durability of standing seam metal roofs come at a price, though. This type of roofing system cannot be installed by just any roofer. Residential or commercial roofing contractors require special training to handle metal roofs. This often makes their prices higher than other types of roof.

Wood Shakes and Shingles

Roofing types seem to specialize between three main criteria: beauty, durability and price. If asphalt shingles are reasonably cost-effective, and metal roofs are proven durable, then wood shakes and shingles are the top choices for beauty. This doesn’t come cheap, however, as they are also the most expensive roofing materials to put up and maintain. Cedar shakes can transform your home with their classic and timeless elegance but you should be prepared for the high price and heavy maintenance needs.

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