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Tips on Choosing the Roof Color for Your Commercial Property

Commercial roofing systems fulfill the same function as their residential counterparts, but choosing the right roof color has an entirely different set of considerations. Here are some expert tips on how to pick the perfect roofing color for your commercial property.

Tips on Choosing the Roof Color for Your Commercial Property

Don’t Try to Match the Rest of the Building

Just because a commercial roof isn’t as visible from the ground as a sloped roof, doesn’t mean you should choose the closest one that matches the rest of the building. It will not only look bland, but you’ll very likely end up with a color that’s a shade different from the building’s, making it look like an amateur job. If you have a corporate color scheme, use it. Otherwise, choose one that contrasts with the building color.

A Light-Colored Roof Can Help You Save on Energy Costs

If your energy costs spike during summer, you should consider a light-colored roof for your property. “Cool roofs” operate in the same principle as wearing a light-colored shirt under the sun, reflecting solar heat instead of absorbing it. The less heat absorbed through the roof, the less air conditioning your indoor spaces need. A TPO roofing installation typically comes in white and is the “coolest” among roof colors, but other light colors can work to a certain degree.

Consider Local Weather and Building Height

The taller your property is, the more important material selection is. High winds and frequent storms can limit your roof material selection and consequently limit the available colors. Certain roofing systems like traditional built-up roofing (BUR) only have one or two color choices available. If you choose single-ply roofing like TPO or EPDM, hire a roofing company with a proven track record of successful installations. The smallest tear or loose seam can quickly get bigger when exposed to extreme weather.

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