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Three Autumn Roof Tips

Autumn in Connecticut has arrived! We’re enjoying cooler days in the mid-60s, crisp nights in the 50s, and sunshine. Wouldn’t it be great if Connecticut was like this all year? While the month of May typically sees the most rainy days, October is actually when we usually see the most volume of rain. If your roof isn’t prepared for the weather, you might be dealing with some unpleasant issues as it gets colder. Don’t feel like dealing with high utility bills due to failing insulation, leaks due to a roof needing replacement or other problems? Thinking ahead and dealing with any roofing issues you may have is easier with our three autumn roof tips list!

Get your roof inspected

Harmony Home Improvement offers roof inspections for a reasonable price. An expert team member will meet with you and personally inspect your roof, considering your roof’s age, materials/make-up, drainage system, gutter system, and more. As a Google Guaranteed, GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, you would be hard-pressed to find a more expert team to perform this assessment. 

Review your roofing assessment

Understanding your roof’s vulnerabilities is essential for you to make an informed decision about repairing or replacing your roof as a homeowner. Having an expert from our team guide you through understanding our findings will help. We often identify leaks, missing shingles or other deterioration, pests, gutter issues, attic venting issues, structural sagging, sealing problems, and more.

Make sure to check the gutters

Any flaw in your roof’s drainage system is an open invite for problems. As temperatures drop in New England, our furry backyard friends would love to nest in your roofing system, and cracks between the gutters and the house are where they sometimes make their way in. In general, having an efficient and functioning drainage system is non-negotiable when keeping your home dry during the winter. If your gutters are clogged or misaligned in any way, the facade or even the foundation of your home could be threatened with damage.

During the autumn months, minor roofing problems can become big issues quickly. Prevent winter roofing nightmares by being proactive now and anticipating seasonal risks associated with the Connecticut climate. Waiting to deal with clogged gutters, roof leaks, water-flow issues, pest problems in your roof, sagging roof, curling shingles, or other common problems would be a far more expensive (not to mention annoying) project during the winter. Harmony Home Improvement will work with you to evaluate your entire roofing system and develop a plan of action should any of our findings require repair or roof replacement work. 

Should your roof require repair or replacement, we offer superior financing options, including:

  • 12 months no interest, no payments on an 84-month term
  • 9.99% interest rate on a 120-month loan term
  • 6 months zero interest with no monthly payments (same as cash)
  • 12 months zero interest with no monthly payments (same as cash)

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