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Things to Look For in Your New TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing, more commonly known as TPO Roofing, is a cost-effective alternative to EPDM and PVC commercial roofing. However, you need to keep an eye out for a few things to make sure your TPO roofing installation will give you your money’s worth in terms of performance. Here are some of the things that you should look for in your new TPO roof.

Things to Look For in Your New TPO Roofing

Overall Quality

Because different TPO roofing manufacturers have their own formulas, you can’t expect the same level of quality for all TPO options. If you want to stay safe with your options, limit your choices to those offered by reputable roofing companies. You’d also want to pick an option covered by a comprehensive warranty (some options will offer warranties providing coverage as long as 30 years).


TPO commercial roofing systems are incredibly resilient, especially if installed correctly. For best results, you’d want to opt for thicker membranes that offer better protection against wind, rain and ultraviolet lights. For more details, ask about different wind, fire and hail ratings for each option and make your choices based on which one has the best overall ratings.

Energy Efficiency

TPO roofing is incredibly efficient, but that mostly boils down to how well the membrane, the roof deck and the insulation were installed. A properly-installed TPO roof would have completely impenetrable seams that prevent both air and water from seeping through small gaps. It also helps to pick a TPO with a smooth surface, which helps it reflect more heat away from the home.


Even the best TPO choice won’t give you that many benefits if not installed according to manufacturer specifications. This is why you should always have this kind of roofing (or any roofing for that matter) installed by reputable local commercial roofing contractors like us. We have a team of experienced and well-equipped roofing specialists ready to install and maintain your roof on a regular basis.

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