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The Hidden Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

From their long, low-maintenance service life to the yearly energy savings they generate, metal roofing systems continue to be an attractive option in residential roofing projects. These hidden benefits, however, make them one of the top roofing choices among homeowners.

Long-Lasting Style and Durability

Technological advancements allow manufacturers to create better-engineered modern metal roofs. Apart from the roofing systems’ wide array of profiles, styles and colors, they promise even stronger shelter for homes. They are tested to withstand the harsh elements, including strong winds. With this roofing material, there’s no need for you to compromise curb appeal for durability and vice versa. With proper installation and maintenance, it can stay stylish and functional for many decades.

Year-to-Year Savings

Premium metal roofs can incur a higher initial cost, but they can help homeowners save a lot thanks to their low-maintenance qualities over their long life span. When you choose this roofing material for your residential roof replacement, expect changes in your home’s energy consumption, especially in the summer. Certain metal roofs that fall under the category of so-called “cool roofs” can reflect and emit the sun’s energy. This allows you to achieve energy savings of up to 40%.

Seasonal Strength

The upcoming winter months are when metal roofs work the hardest. The material’s sleek profile has grooves that allow homes to shed sleet and snow. This means that the roof won’t have to bear the weight of a couple of feet of snowfall. Also, the insulating underlayment underneath the metal structure helps prevent the loss of indoor heat. This way, heaters don’t have to work as hard to keep the home warm during winter.

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