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Soffits and Fascias: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to your roofing system, you’ve likely heard your residential roofing contractors say terms like “soffit” and “fascia.” While they’re clearly important parts that completes a roofing system, homeowners are still left wondering what exactly is the difference between the two.


The soffit is a component that doesn’t always come with the home you buy. However, if your home does have them, they’re fairly easy to spot; in fact, the soffit is the additional coverage that sits along the edges of your roof and adjacent to the walls of your home. Its main purpose is to protect your rafters by sealing them in.

Depending on the material your soffit is made of, its lifespan and weaknesses may vary. If your home doesn’t have a soffit, be sure to have one installed as soon as possible to increase the protection of your roof and your home. To install a soffit on your roof, simply turn to the residential roof replacement pros of Harmony Home Improvement.


On the other hand, the fascia is a roof board that can be seen on the edges of your property’s rafters and is usually installed to protect the roof’s structure and building interior from being exposed to the elements. However, compared to the soffit, the main role of the fascia is to create a pleasing overall aesthetic to your home instead of leaving them exposed rafters in plain sight.

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