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Signs You Need to Replace Your Patio Doors

A patio door, whether a glass sliding or a French door, allows an effortless transition from the interior to the exterior space of your home. It brings in plenty of sunlight and provides a view of your beautiful backyard, garden landscaping or even the wide-open blue sky. Since patio doors, along with replacement windows, are wonderful features that enhance the architectural appeal of your living space, it is important to determine if it is the right time to replace them. Here are some signs to look for:

Drafts Around the House

Nobody likes an uncomfortably warm home, especially during the summer months. Your patio door might be the main culprit if you are frequently experiencing a transfer of undesirable thermal energies around the house. Remember to examine the open spaces in your walls since patio doors usually contribute to the rise and fall of temperature in your home. Stand by the door and notice if you can feel gusts of wind between the glass and the frame. It is an indication that your patio door is leaking air.

Gap Between the Door and the Frame

Changing weather and poor installation are the primary reasons why the frame or sash of your patio door warps or bends over time. You may start noticing small gaps between the door and the frame, and if so, then a deck installation services contractor recommends replacing your patio door as soon as possible. This is mainly for better insulation and enhanced safety for occupants.

Fog Between Panes

There is a problem with your patio door if you see fog cloud the space between panes. If there is condensation buildup on the inside of the squares if you have a French patio door, or within the one large glass pane, if you have a sliding glass door, then it is entirely possible that your door has a broken or damaged seal. A compromised seal allows air and moisture to fill up the spaces in panes. This means that the insulation is not working properly anymore, diminishing the energy efficiency of your home.

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