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Signs It’s Time for Deck Replacement

Your deck is an important asset of your exterior home. It provides additional space for recreational activities and enhances the curb appeal of your property at the same time. However, even if your deck has been skillfully installed or waterproofed, it still sits outside through rain, hail and extreme heat that eventually wear it out. So how do you determine whether it is time to replace your deck? Local deck contractors share some signs to look out for.



Material of Deck


Deck material plays an important role in determining how well the outdoor space will stand against elements. If you have a natural wood deck, check for signs of insect damage and warping on the surfaces. If your deck is primarily made of composite or vinyl, expect fading to be one of the main problems. Knowing the material will help you decide whether a quick repair or replacement is needed.


Condition of Posts


Make sure to thoroughly check the base of the posts holding up your deck since water can collect and stand there for a long time. If you dig out the accumulation of dirt or discover signs of rot and water damage, then you will definitely need to replace those posts. A remodeling contractor, who is also an expert in installing replacement windows, says that it is possible to replace at least one or two posts without having to tear down the entire deck. However, this largely depends on the extent of rotted areas in the supporting structure.


Stability of Railings


Railings are places where people tend to gather and lean. It is crucial to ensure that the railing of your deck is steady and can accommodate the weight that is occasionally piled on it. Slowly lean on the railing and check whether it has rotted or suffered water damage. If you deem the railing to be unstable, then it is definitely worth letting a professional inspect and repair your deck.


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