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Should You Cover Roof Vents During Winter?

Your roof vents provide a continual flow of air through the attic space, helping draw stale air and moisture out of your home. In the winter, the vents will cause the attic to become cold, but this does not pose a significant threat to the structure or spike up the energy usage of your home. In fact, blocking the vents can potentially compromise your living space by trapping moisture in the attic, according to home improvement contractors.

Roof Vents During Winter

Winter Ventilation

It is crucial not to cover the roof vents, whether a turbine, soffit, rafter or metal pot vents, during the cold and frosty winter months. All of these vents serve the same purpose of creating healthy air circulation, which is extremely vital to keep your attic and roof in tip-top condition.

In the winter, moisture tends to rise to the attic. If excess moisture ends up being trapped there, it can create an array of structural problems, such as mold growth and wood rot. Meanwhile, an open vent will allow moisture to escape the attic and disperse outside.

Potential Roofing Issues

In colder climates with heavy precipitation, it is important to open the vents to ensure that cold air can enter the attic space. If the attic is too warm during the winter, the precipitation frozen on your roof will eventually melt, trickle down to your gutters and then refreeze. The ice buildup can break your gutters apart, causing expensive residential roofing services in the future.

Proper Insulation

The main reason behind people believing that vents should be covered during the winter season is to prevent heat loss in their homes. This is why your attic should be sufficiently ventilated so that the heat from the rest of your house cannot enter the space easily. Also, it will prevent heated areas of your home from being affected by cold outside air. In conclusion, keeping your roof vents open will not result in increased energy consumption.

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