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Should I Replace My Skylights During Roof Replacement?

At Harmony Home Improvement, we love a well-placed skylight. They make fantastic accents by letting in a ton of natural light and introducing an interesting architectural element to the room. If the home you own is fortunate enough to have one or more, we hope you love them as we do, and if you’re doing without and would like some installed, let’s talk! 

Oftentimes, homeowners find their skylights leaking, showing condensation, and having other problems. If your home’s roof is old or damaged enough to need a replacement the odds are that the skylights that came with it are ready to be replaced, too. If you’ve already got your roof replacement booked, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: should I replace my skylights during my roof replacement?

Reading around online you might be tempted to believe a little caulking or some new flashing around the existing skylight is an adequate alternative to replacing your old skylights when you do your roof. 

Skylights can last up to 20 years, while a properly-installed roof’s lifespan is 15-50 years, depending on the materials manufacturer and skill level of the installers. Given these timelines, it’s a safe bet to assume that when your roof needs replacing, so do those skylights.

The area around the skylight will be disturbed during a roof replacement due to the nature of the job. There is generally no escaping this. Your skylights are an integral part of your roofing system and need to be treated as such. If you’re replacing your roof, replace the skylight.


How Weather Affects Your Skylights 

Our weather in Connecticut gives us a decent amount of rain and snow every year. Moisture is the enemy of lasting construction. As your home expands and contracts, the joints around your skylight can begin to leak, rot, or warp. Mold or moss can grow, compounding the problem and further damaging the area around the skylight. And you can probably guess where the heat in your house goes during the winter. If you choose to save money by skipping skylight replacement you’ll pay for it on your heating bill. 

Besides, if it’s been close to a decade (or more), you’ll want to get in on one of the new models. Energy-efficient skylights (static or openable) are a smarter choice in the long run. 

Here at Harmony Home Improvement, we’ve been around the block more than a few times. We’ve replaced enough roofs to know what you can do and what you should never attempt. We can work out ways to save you money, but we also know where you’ll want to invest it. Read what our clients have said about our work.


Connecticut Skylight Replacement

Replace your skylight when you replace your roof or you’ll wind up repairing or replacing them almost immediately after. 

This is great — if you like turning one contractor bill into two. But we don’t recommend it! Contact us today to book your free roof replacement or skylight replacement estimate.


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