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Seasonal Problems: Preventing Moisture Damage to Windows

Fogged up windows in your home is a common occurrence throughout the year. However, there is some cause for concern about condensation on your windows, as it might be slowly damaging your windows.Harmony Home Improvement, one of the top residential roofing contractors in the state, elaborates on how condensation if formed and how it can damage your windows below.

Why Do Windows Fog Up in Winter and Summer?

Moisture usually forms on your windows because of the extreme temperature differences in the environment inside and outside your home. As such, condensation is likely to form on the exterior of windows in air-conditioned homes in hot climates and on the interior of windows in homes with heating in colder climates.

How Can Condensation Damage My Windows?

Condensation on the exterior of windows in summer is usually just a cosmetic problem. In fact, it’s a sign your energy-efficient window is working. Condensation on the exterior means your window is preventing the warm air outside from entering your home in summer or the heat inside from leaking out in winter.

However, as any homeowner who needed to get a residential roof replacement will tell you, moisture inside your home is more problematic.

Condensation might form on the edges of your windows if the humidity levels inside are high enough. At first, the moisture will just peel away the edges. But left unattended, mold or mildew might form on the edges and eat away your wooden window frames.

How Can I Prevent This From Happening?

Purchasing a dehumidifier is one way of controlling the humidity levels in your home, although they’re usually cost-prohibitive. You can also purchase a more energy-efficient window, specifically one with an insulated glass panel, to reduce the likelihood of the formation of condensation on a window’s edges filled with argon or krypton.

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