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Roof Sagging: What You Need to Know

The roof plays an integral role in the structure of a home. They are built in a way that keeps out the rain and other natural elements. A well-structured roof keeps its inhabitants safe and secure. But sometimes, these structures can become faulty and damaged over time. Residential roofing contractors can make the necessary repairs, but it’s still good to be aware of what causes a sagging roof.

The Causes of Roof Sagging

There are several causes behind a sagging roof. Natural elements like too much snow or rain can be a factor. Faulty support structures and other internal roof damage can also be a factor, along with the actual age of a home. If left unattended, it can also become a hazard to the home’s inhabitants, so it is best to call a home improvement contractor.

Each sagging roof can also come with their own causes, depending on their style. If your home has a traditionally sloped roof, then its strength comes from triangulation. The cause of your roof sagging could be due to a damaged rafter or a collar tie. Truss roofs on the other hand also follow the same structure as sloped roofs, but are more modern in design, as they have more internal supports. Any damaged support can affect the whole roof structure, which can lead to a sagging roof and compel you to seek residential roof replacement.

Possible Solutions for Roof Sagging

For the more traditional rafter-style roof frames, there are several solutions, depending on the damage. It may be easier to just bolster your existing roof supports, replacing them completely would be better in the long run. You can also have the old sheathing replaced and install larger rafts while your roof frame is exposed. The same can also be applied for truss roofs, and you can completely replace your sheathing with. Metal roofing is more durable and made from factory-made steel panels.

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