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Most Common Roofing Problems in New England

New England has a generally cold climate, which creates roofing problems unique to the area. In this blog, residential roofing services contractor Harmony Home Improvement takes a look at common New England roofing problems.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are ice deposits formed at the roof edge. Contrary to popular belief, ice dams are not caused by gutters, but rather by insufficient attic insulation. When heat from the attic raises the roof temperature to above freezing, it melts the snow on the surface, which flows down and refreezes at the roof edge.

In addition to the dangers of having icicles on the roof edge, ice dams increase the strain on the gutters, which may lead to sections falling off. When the spring thaw begins, the moisture can also seep under the drip edge and into the attic. Addressing attic insulation issues and roof leaks should be the first items on your to-do list.

Moss and Blue-Green Algae Growth

High moisture levels encourage the growth of moss and blue-green algae. Roof and deck contractors like us can confirm that both are not harmful to your roof, yet they do leave unsightly stains. Roof moss, in particular, can collect more dirt and debris that gets thicker and more difficult to remove over time.

There are various ways to remove moss and blue-green algae, however, prevention is still the best option. Roofing shingles such as CertainTeed® StreakFighter® shingles and GAF StainGuard Plus™ Shingles feature particles embedded in the granules that kill or repel moss and algae.


Lichen is a composite organism composed of both fungi and algae. Unlike moss and blue-green algae, lichen can damage asphalt shingle roofs. It consumes limestone, which happens to be what granules on asphalt shingle roofs are made of. The aforementioned roofing products that prevent moss and blue-green algae growth may have the same effect. Persistent lichen growth needs to be dealt with by a professional; you run the risk of injury, as well as damage to the roof and the surrounding vegetation, if you try to do it yourself.

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