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Metal Roofing: Which Factors Determine Its Cost?

Metal roofing is a good option for both residential and commercial properties. This material is known for its cost-effectiveness, long lifespan, beauty and sustainability. When properly installed and maintained, it can last for up to 50 years or more.

Read on to find out what influences the cost of a new metal roof from a local provider of roofing and deck installation services.

Type of Metal

Metal and steel are the most common metals used on roofs. However, some also use copper and zinc, but these kinds of metal tend to cost more. Aluminum weight lighter than steel and innately withstands rust. Moreover, copper and zinc are not painted and known for their natural metallic look.


While many prefer the natural steel look of clear-coated steel that also contains zinc, aluminum coating, or both. The clear coating lasts between five to seven years, depending on your climate. Coatings protect your metal roof against the harmful UV rays and damage during shipping and installation.

Aggregate or stone coatings are also available for metal roofs. These are popular for their texture and the ability to prevent roof algae in some environments. Then there are also paint finishes, which can wear over the years, but you can have reapplied.

Your Roof’s Configuration

No matter the configuration of your roof, you should hire a skilled and experienced contractor. At Harmony Home Improvement, we offer superior roofing and vinyl siding installation services. Roofs with lower pitch can involve a more complicated installation process. The more complex your roof is, the longer it will take to install and the more it will cost you.


Residential metal roofs can either be in a vertical seam or a modular panel. Vertical seam panels are available in steel, aluminum, specialty copper, and zinc metals. They range from exposed fasteners to high-end architectural standing seams. On the other hand, standing seam panels feature concealed fasteners, which are driven through clips to allow thermal movement of the material.

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