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How to Prepare Your Home for the Colder Months

Do you ever ask yourself “What should I do to prepare my home for winter?”  Weather changes and extreme temperatures can make your home vulnerable to damage. However, with some preparations, you can avoid costly repairs.

Learn ways to prepare your home for the colder months from Harmony Home Improvement, one of your most trusted residential roofing contractors.

Prepare Your Siding

Make sure your siding is in good condition before the winter comes. Replace caulk that’s cracked, hardened, or lost its seal. Constant freeze-thaw cycles can make siding more prone to cracking. Fall is one of the best times to update your siding.

Consider vinyl for your exterior because this material is virtually maintenance-free. It’s moisture-resistant and doesn’t support mold growth. Also, it’s color and design will stay intact for years despite exposure to harsh elements. Whether you need new siding or a residential roof replacement, you can count on Harmony Home Improvement.

Have Your Roof Inspected 

Hire professionals to detect and repair any damage on your roof. It’s easier to repair your roof in the fall when there is no snow. Address roofing issues immediately before they get bigger and more expensive to repair. Make sure that your roof is also free from debris and dried leaves because they can retain moisture that can damage the material.

Clean Gutters & Trim Surrounding Trees

Falling leaves can clog your gutters and cause water to overflow to your exterior, resulting in extensive water damage. Trim nearby trees to prevent leaves and branches from falling on your roof. Aside from collecting water, they can place uneven pressure on your roof, which can compromise its structural integrity.

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