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How to Give Your Old Deck a New Lease on Life

If your old deck looks worn out and is a maintenance nightmare, you do not have to tear it all down and start building another. There is a good chance that most of the key structural parts are still in top shape. In this article, Harmony Home Improvement, a contractor specializing in deck installation and residential roofing services, shares a few deck renovation tips.

Give Your Old Deck a New Lease on Life

To Strip or Not to Strip

Check your old deck from the top to bottom to see if it simply needs a good cleaning and staining before deciding to strip it completely. Keep in mind that stripping a deck is a major undertaking. So, if your coating is just faded, you can get away with giving your deck a thorough wash and then staining the boards.

However, if the coating is peeling or there are areas where the coating has worn off, you may have to strip the deck.

Cleaning Your Deck

Years of dirt buildup, vegetation and foot traffic make decks a bit stressful to clean properly. According to leading deck contractors, using household cleaners or bleach on your deck is a definite no-go. Instead, opt for a commercial deck cleaner, which is a lot stronger than regular household cleaners and will get rid of debris buildup stuck in the wood grain and between planks. Finish off with an oxalic acid-based brightener to restore the wood to its natural color. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to get the best results.

Picking the Right Finish

Transparent stains are easier to apply than semi-transparent or solid stains, but they have to be reapplied every year to maintain their good condition. Solid colors offer the greatest longevity, lasting three to four years before a reapplication is needed, but they do change the look of the wood.

It is still better to connect with a local deck rebuilder to make sure you settle for the right finish. Often, professionals will present sample boards to show you how different stains will look on your deck.

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