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Guide to Dealing with a Storm Damaged Roof

As the summer storm season concludes in Connecticut, many homeowners are concerned about the storm damages on their roofs. What do you do when a storm has gone by, and your roof is damaged? We highly recommend that you don’t start panicking about the storm damage and instead read our guide to dealing with a storm-damaged roof. Although dealing with a storm-damaged roof is incredibly stressful, we can assure you that you are always in good hands with the roofing professionals at Harmony Home Improvement. 

What to Do Immediately After a Storm?

Once a storm has passed, it’s best to wait until your roof and the area around your home is arid before going outside to assess the damage. A wet roof is a considerable safety hazard, and it’s always good to remember that with all things, safety comes first. Once your home is dry, if you don’t feel comfortable getting on your roof, you can walk the perimeter of your home and look out the windows to look for visible signs of damage that you can document. Some visible signs of storm damage include missing, dented, ripped, or curled shingles/pieces of your roof or a leak inside your home. If you don’t feel comfortable assessing for roof damage on your own, one of our roofing professionals at Harmony Home Improvement would be happy to come and do an inspection and an assessment for you. 

If the damage done to your home is significant, we recommend calling your homeowner’s insurance company right away to file a claim for the damages. The photos and documentation you got from your initial inspection after the storm should help you file your claim. 

Hire a Professional and Dependable Roofing Contractor in Connecticut to Conduct the Repairs

Depending on the type of storm damage done to your roof, you may want to consider hiring a dependable roofing contractor right away for the repairs. When it comes to roofing damage, it’s best not to wait to repair it as it can worsen the longer you prolong the repair. If you are unsure where to start the process of finding a roofing contractor or uncertain of what questions to ask a roofing contractor, you can read this blog that we wrote on a GAF Q&A for Finding Your Roofing Contractor to help you get started.

If you are in the state of Connecticut and are looking for a roofing contractor, our roofing professionals at Harmony Home Improvement are just a phone call away. You can even visit us on our website here. Harmony Home Improvement is the preferred choice for a roofing contractor by countless homeowners in Connecticut because of our professional roofing work. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that we are factory certified through GAF Master Elite® and CertainTeed Select Shingle Master®. 


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