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Green Roofs Vs. Energy-Efficient Roofs

Green roofs and energy-efficient roofs are often used interchangeably but are actually two entirely different things. As one of the leading home improvement contractors in Connecticut, Harmony Home Improvement takes a closer look at the difference between these two and their unique features and benefits.

Green Roofs Vs. Energy-Efficient Roofs

The term “green” connotes being environmentally friendly and in terms of roofing, it could refer to roofing systems with recyclable materials or sourced from renewable sources. However, in this context, a “green roof” refers to a roof that is, quite literally, green. It’s a flat or low-slope roof where one can grow living plants. It’s composed of a waterproofing membrane, a layer that prevents roots from digging into the substrate, and soil or some other growing medium. The plants can be anything from flowers to food crops.

An energy-efficient roof, on the other hand, can be any kind of roofing system with reflective features. Depending on the available residential roofing services, one can choose a white or a light-colored roof, or special asphalt shingles with reflective granules. It reflects sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat the roof absorbs. This, in turn, reduces the heat that gets through to the indoor living space and minimizes indoor cooling requirements and energy consumption.

Common Benefits

While these are two entirely different roofing systems, certain features are common to these two. For instance, green roofs can be energy-efficient too. Instead of reflecting heat, the plants and soil both act as insulation. The plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, which means only a fraction of the heat ever makes it to the attic. In addition to the energy savings, both reduce your dependence on oil-based energy from the grid.

Both types of roofing also help extend the service life of the roofing structure. Since green roofs do not have the actual roof exposed to the elements, damage from wind and impact is minimized. Energy-efficient roofs, on the other hand, minimize the chances of warping and swelling caused by swings in temperature.

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