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Getting Rid of Moss Growth on Your Siding

Getting rid of spreading moss growth is 50% moss removal and 50% prevention. Unlike mold, which is a type of fungus, mosses are plants. Their structure is simple, often without an intricate root system and vascular tissue. Under controlled environments, moss is actually grown decoratively for their natural green hue. However, if left unchecked, they are also known to grow on siding boards and roofing systems.

Let our expert residential roofing contractors at Harmony Home Improvement walk you through a few tips to help keep moss growth under control and out of your home’s roof and siding.

How Moss Grows

Most varieties of moss thrive in high-moisture areas that get mild amounts of sunshine. The lack of vascular tissue means that direct sunlight can dry them out too quickly. If you have nearby trees or structures that put a nice shade on a section of your siding for a good portion of the day, consider trimming or removing them. Nearby plants also retain moisture in the air which further promotes the growth of moss.

Removing Moss

Moss growth isn’t necessarily a damaging problem. You likely won’t need a full residential roof replacement for a moss problem on your roof. However, they can make an otherwise beautifully-styled home appear messy and unkempt. Minor growth can be scraped off easily with your fingers or a small putty knife. You can even use a gentle but abrasive brush to scrub off areas with more than a little growth.

Moss Prevention

You can buy moss-killer solutions in your local gardening supply stores. Alternatively, you could also make your own. For aluminum and wood siding, you want to mix liquid detergent, trisodium phosphate, bleach and water in a 11:3 ratio. One cup of vinegar and three cups of water works better on vinyl siding.

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