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GAF Q&A for Finding Your Roofing Contractor

When it comes to making a decision on who to trust with your home’s roofing project, the decision is usually not an easy one to make. It is also a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. A lot hinges upon your decision to choose the right roofing contractor for you and your home. We are excited to put together this blog for a GAF Q&A for finding your roofing contractor. These questions that GAF proposes are on their website and they recommend that you discuss and ask these questions to your potential roofing contractor. We answered the questions ourselves with relevant information about Harmony Home Improvement!


Local Codes and Ordinances

  • Who will obtain the permit? 
  • Are permit costs included? 
  • Will you conduct an inspection before and after doing the work? 


Product Choices

  • How many shingle choices do you offer? 
  • Are they listed by the brand and manufacturer’s name? 
  • What warranties can you offer? 
  • Can you tell me the differences (like construction, texture, UL fire rating) between the product options? 


Estimates and Payment

  • Do you offer free estimates? 
  • Does the estimate list the product name and color? 
  • What are the payment terms? 
  • How do you accept payment? 
  • How do I pay my insurance deductible? 


Clean-Up and Inspection

  • Will you be conducting daily clean-up? 
  • How will you make sure our yard and home be free from stray nails and other debris? 
  • Who will inspect the job and when will that be? 



  • How far out the roofing contractor is scheduling? 
  • How many days will the project take? 
  • What might cause possible delays in the schedule? 
  • Is there a no-later-than-finish date? 


GAF Master Elite Roofer in Connecticut

At Harmony Home Improvement, we never settle for anything less than professional workmanship and to set ourselves above the rest of the roofing industry. We are proudly GAF factory-certified and have obtained our GAF Master Elite certification in order to better serve our customers. Call us at 860-560-1767 to talk about your next roofing project today! 


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