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Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Thermal Bridging

Every homeowner wants their home to be as energy-efficient as possible. There are different ways by which this goal can be achieved, but sometimes, there are things that can impede these attempts, such as thermal bridging. Here, siding and deck installation services provider Harmony Home Improvement discusses everything you need to know about it.

What Is Thermal Bridging and How Does It Affect Your Home?

Thermal bridging occurs when heat moves across to an object that is more conductive compared to the materials around it, following a path of least resistance for heat. Unfortunately for those who are looking to save on their monthly bills, this can be a major source of energy loss in your home, leading to higher utility costs.

How to Break Thermal Bridging

While it may sound like an intimidating phenomenon, vinyl siding installation experts say that it is possible to break thermal bridging. According to the pros, around 25% of your home’s wall is made of wood studs and these studs must be covered in continuous insulation to break thermal bridging. If you’re having a new home constructed, this can be accomplished by adding insulation to the wall system. If you’re remodeling, meanwhile, a layer of insulation can be added from the inside or outside of your home.

Unfortunately, professionals say that adding insulation from the interior is costly and difficult as it requires a complete remodel that also involves replacing the drywall, trim, or other interior finishes. With that in mind, experts often recommend that you simply add the new insulation under a new siding to break the thermal bridge and increase your home’s energy efficiency. The most effective siding material to accomplish this is insulated vinyl siding.

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