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Easy Deck Beautification Tips

There’s more to your home’s curb appeal than just choosing the colors for your asphalt shingles and exterior vinyl siding. Sometimes, all it takes are a few outdoor additions to catch everybody’s eye and increase the overall value of your home. One such addition is a cozy and welcoming deck that’s perfect for lazy afternoons, weekend barbecues and Sunday brunches.

Getting a deck built by itself is a start but it shouldn’t end there. If you really want to spruce up this outdoor living area, here are a few tips from our professionals at Harmony Home Improvement.

Cleaning Considerations

Before starting any staging effort for your deck, it’s important to first thoroughly clean your deck. You can use a pressure washer to remove caked up dust and dirt between the floorboards. Sweep away plant debris such as dead leaves and branches from nearby trees. Wood stain can protect the wooden boards and railings from moisture and humidity. Apply an effective staining product at least once a year.

Invest in a good water catchment system to further keep your deck well-defended against the elements. Ask your home improvement contractors about proper weatherproofing and sealant applications for an extra layer of protection.

Under the Moonlight

Give your deck some nighttime appeal by adding a few outdoor lighting options. Shop around for architectural lanterns that complement not just your deck’s aesthetic, but your home’s style as well. Plan out the lighting around activities you plan to do. If you have a small barbecue corner, give it ample lighting with string lights. Dining areas benefit well with small outdoor table lamps. Lounge areas could use either a firepit or, to reduce risks of fires, flameless candles inside hurricane glass cases.

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