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Do You Need to Match Your Exterior Doors With Your Windows?

Windows and exterior doors help protect your home against harsh weather and the elements. The right ones can contribute to both the appeal of your interior and exterior. When getting new ones, among the things to consider is whether they should match.

Find out if your windows and patio or entry doors should match from trusted home exterior and residential roofing contractors.

Should You Match Windows and Exterior Doors?

You can choose to match your windows and exterior doors, but you don’t always have to. This decision is more of personal preference. However, you should select the right style for your main door and patio door. For instance, while French doors are considered exterior doors, they are suitable as a back door. Moreover, if you want your exterior doors to match your existing windows, consider getting a unit with glass inserts that resemble the style of your windows.

Choosing the Best Window-Door Combination for Your Home Style


Most traditional homes are made of brick, stone, or stucco. Double-hung windows will give your traditional home a more classic look, but you can also go for bay and bow and transom windows. For your door, units made of wood or fiberglass in a wood stain finish will do the trick.


Clean lines, asymmetrical elements, unadorned window styles, and flat roofs with multilevel rooflines define the contemporary home style. Stationary, sliding, and casement windows are great for contemporary style homes. Doors in these homes are known for their distinctive geometric shapes and usually have lever handle hardware in metallic finishes. Make sure to select an entry door in a warm wood finish to prevent your space from looking and feeling cold. A reputable contractor can help you choose the best window and door styles for your home. At Harmony Home Improvement, we can handle both your residential roof replacement and window installation project.


Made out of the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early 1900s, craftsman homes feature low-pitched roofs, exposed beams on both the exterior and exterior and porches with thick square columns. You can go for stained glass windows and doors with decorative glass if you have a craftsman home.

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