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Common Myths About Sliding Patio Doors

While modern sliding doors have a smoother operation and sleek designs, there are still misconceptions surrounding them.  Are the issues with dated, bulky doors plaguing these great new designs?

Residential roofing services provider, Harmony Home Improvement, reveals the truth about sliding patio doors.

Large Panels Are Hard to Slide

Older sliding doors only slide the bottom gasket of the door through the track, making it difficult to slide bigger and heavier panels. Today’s hardware technologies address this issue. Manufacturers usually use high-performance components like precision rollers for smooth and easy operation. Further, to maintain the smooth operation of your sliding door, you will need to maintain and clean it regularly.

Sliding Doors Are Unsightly

Modern sliding doors use smaller frames for a more expansive outdoor view. Home improvement contractors offer frames in a wide selection of styles. At Harmony Home Improvement, we can install unique knobs, handles and even decorative glass to give your new doors a custom look.

They Leak During Rains

Sliding doors go through a certification process and tests on how well they can withstand the elements. To avoid issues, make sure that your door is suitable for the climate you’re living in. Consult your contractor to know which sliding door is best for your area. Proper installation will also play a major role in your door’s resistance to leaks.

They Let the Heat Out

No door is completely airtight. Sliding doors aren’t as airtight as folding doors. Choose a sliding door that has a thermally isolated frame and double glaze if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures. The sealing system affects the movement of air from outside to inside, especially in places that get a lot of wind. Stay away from multi-slide rollers if you live in a cold climate because snow and ice could make the door hard to operate.

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