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Choosing Between Raised and Ground-Level Decks: What to Consider

Home decks are typically raised off the ground as part of their design. They consist of floorboards supported by joists underneath. But how high they’re raised depends on how your home is designed, as well as a few other factors. If you’re not sure which design is right for your home, here’s what you need to consider. As trusted experts in deck installation and replacement window services, Harmony Home Improvement only wants to help you make the right choice.

Raised Decks 

The design of your home defines the height of a raised deck. For instance, a typical split-level or a raised ranch-style house will have the main living area on the second floor. The deck on this type of home is attached to the second story and is supported by sturdy posts anchored into the ground on piers, with a stairway leading down to the yard below.

For homes with their main living area either on the ground level or normally raised on a foundation such as Cape Cod or center hall Colonial, the deck could be raised up to meet the threshold of the back door. The height is usually around two feet at most.

Ground-Level Decks  

A ground-level deck consists of a box frame topped by floorboards supported by joists. Contractors who specialize in deck installation services would usually place the deck on any level surface anywhere in the yard, such as the middle or back of the lawn, or the shaded area under a canopy of trees.

When the deck is placed next to the house but not attached, it’s considered a platform. You also normally won’t need a permit if it’s built under 18 inches high, though you can check with your local building department if you want to be sure. If you’re planning to have a railing built, most building codes require a railing of at least 36 inches high.

Choosing What’s Appropriate for Your Home 

No matter which type of deck you want for your home, consider the visual aesthetic of the deck and how it can relate to your yard. Make sure it takes advantage of your existing landscape elements, such as trees, views and even gardens. Whether you need a professional to install your deck or need excellent vinyl siding installation services, don’t hesitate to hire Harmony Home Improvement. Call us today at (860) 645-8899 or fill out our convenient online form to get started. We serve customers in Connecticut and nearby CT areas.


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