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Do I Need to Rebuild My Deck?

  • Harmony Home Improvement
  • June 6, 2022
As summer officially begins, you’ll be spending a lot more time outside. From backyard barbecues to graduations to family reunions, there are plenty of reasons to bring people together at a home you’re proud to show off. Before that, check in on your...

Should I Restore My Deck?

  • Harmony Home Improvement
  • March 27, 2021
The time for being able to fully enjoy your deck is nearly upon us here in Connecticut. With spring and summer rolling around the corner, we’re sure you’ll be out there grilling, relaxing, and just sitting out on the deck enjoying the warmer...

Multi-Level Deck Design and Its Advantages

  • Harmony Home Improvement
  • August 26, 2020
When it comes to building a multi-level deck, there are several benefits you can take advantage of, including creating adjacent living spaces and making a smooth transition from your home to the yard. These practical applications are what’s making them popular, and professional deck...
Vetting a potential contractor is often a time-consuming process. That’s why homeowners usually look for accreditations; they’re a sign a contractor has passed the stringent standards set by independent organizations and third-party websites. Of the many websites and non-profit organizations that give certifications...