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Building Your Outdoor Deck: Things Worth Considering

Adding an outdoor deck is one of the many ways you can expand your living space. Keep in mind, however, that the success of this project hinges on factoring in all the critical design issues and choosing the right material based on your budget, climate, and lifestyle. Once finished, your deck should be able to stand the test of time.

Harmony Home Improvement, your local residential roofing services provider and deck contractor, shares the things you need to consider before tackling this project.

The Deck’s Purpose

The size, shape, and features of the deck should depend on how you intend to use it. For instance, if you are going to use it mainly for enjoying meals with your family, it is a good idea to allow about four feet of space around the table. That way, all family members can walk behind those who are seated. Lounge chairs and a low table, meanwhile, would be enough if your deck is used for relaxation. Depending on your local codes, you can even add a fire pit where your family and friends can gather around.

The Various Material Options

Your choice of material depends on what you are looking for in a deck. Choose manufactured boards if you want your deck to be easy to maintain. Go with wood if you want to highlight the deck’s classic appearance. There are a plethora of selections, including pressure-treated wood, cedar, redwood, PVC and composite deck boards. Turn to local deck contractors like us for more information on each and to help you make an informed decision.

The Deck Design

Deck flooring options are plentiful. You may consider the basketweave, which has short boards that form squares and are laid out in alternate directions. Deck boards may also benefit from the addition of accents for a more interesting and appealing look.

Harmony Home Improvement offers a variety of deck-related services, from design, construction, repair, and restoration. We handle all the details, where we take into account its size, shape, traffic flow and style that fits your personal tastes.

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