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Assessing Roof Damage after a Storm

The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing, and parts of the country have already seen how hard their homes and communities can suffer from strong winds and rain alone. In Connecticut, our storm season lasts through the end of November, and homeowners must keep their roofing and siding systems in tip-top shape to protect their investment. 

At Harmony Home Improvement, we’re a GAF Master Elite® roofing company providing high-quality roofing products and services across Connecticut that can stand up to the elements, especially during storm season. If your roof has suffered damage from a storm, we can assess and advise on the necessary repairs or replacements. If a roof replacement is required, we will install only top-quality products that will withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent future expensive damage to your home.

How to examine your home’s exterior after a storm

When a storm system hits Connecticut, homes throughout the state suffer damages like roof leaks, lost shingles, trees falling on the roof, and pieces of siding flying off due to strong winds. Some roof damage is apparent because you’ll have leaks inside your home. To assess your home’s exterior after a storm, walk the perimeter and look for things like:

  • Shingles in the yard
  • Loose or missing pieces of siding
  • Unusual dots on your roofing shingles (from hail damage)
  • Fallen tree limbs (or ones that look like they are close to falling)

If you find anything unusual, take multiple photos to document your findings for your home insurance company.

File an insurance claim after a storm

Once you document the damage you’ve located on your home from the storm, reach out to your insurance company or us. We can assist with filing your claim; a massive benefit to working with us as this takes a significant burden off of you as the homeowner. Not all contractors do this (or when they do, it’s not done properly, resulting in denied claims). We use a special documentation system to prevent issues with your home insurance claims after a storm. Curious what types of storm damage are covered by your insurance? Don’t have home insurance that will cover storm damage? We offer excellent financing options.

Get started on roof replacement after a storm

At this point in the process, we have visited your home to assess the damage and have gone through the insurance claim process with you so that work can begin. Choosing a reputable Connecticut roofing contractor is critical when replacing your roof. While it may be tempting to DIY your repairs or choose a cheap contractor, these options don’t come with our hugely valuable roofing warranties that protect your investment and increase your home’s value. A roof replacement is not the time to try to cut corners – getting it done properly is a must!

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