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An In-Depth Look at Galvanized Steel Roofs

Galvanized steel is one of the many metals used in metal roofing systems. It’s widely considered the best choice in terms of sheer durability and weather resistance even compared with copper and stainless steel.

Harmony Home Improvement discusses the key features of galvanized steel roofs and the benefits of installing it.

Galvanized Steel

The metal used for this roof undergoes a process called galvanization wherein the iron or steel is coated with a layer of zinc. This reduces and completely eliminates the potential of the metal to rust. The zinc coating boasts a certain thickness that depends on the needs of the homeowner. Residential roofs usually have a light zinc coating while commercial and industrial properties boast a medium coating.

A Natural Coating

Since galvanized steel already has a natural zinc coating, it doesn’t require further coating or recoating unlike aluminum or stainless steel. It’s a good choice for long-term residential roof replacement as it’s essentially maintenance-free.


The natural zinc coating gives galvanized roofs a higher reflective rating, which means it absorbs even less heat than standard metal roofs. This higher heat resistance can have a positive impact on the the energy efficiency of a house.

A Long-Lasting Roof

The standard galvanized roof can last well beyond its expected life span of 60 years with proper care and maintenance. Since this roof is naturally durable and weather-resistant, it only requires regular cleaning and washing to look and stay nice.

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