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A Quick Guide to Popular Siding Profiles

Exterior vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors, styles, finishes and profiles. This material is popular as it has an uncanny resemblance with wood but doesn’t require as much maintenance. Choosing the right design for your home can contribute to an increased curb appeal.

Here’s a quick guide to your siding profile options.

Board and Batten

Also called vertical vinyl siding, board and batten are one of today’s most popular profiles. It’s been used since the medieval period. What inspired this profile are the design traditions of the Midwest, mountain regions, and the West Coast. This profile features alternating wide and narrow panels, with the wide part being the board and the narrow one being the batten.


Similar to classic wood siding, clapboard profiles look smooth in front and have sharp edges. This profile originated when Native Americans formed timber from where their dwellings stood. Home improvement contractors refer to its 6” profile as single, 4” as double, and 3” as a triple.


First used in northern Europe, dutchlap siding became known in the Mid-Atlantic part of the U.S. during the age of early settlers. Like clapboard siding, the number of courses on a panel and their height classifies it.


Beaded siding looks like the clapboard profile, but it has an extra rounded bead at the bottom of every course. The bead accentuates the shadows created by the courses. It also originated in the southern regions of the U.S.

Shingle Siding

Shingle siding is among the profiles that became popular in the northeastern parts of the U.S. during the late 19th century. It comes in various profiles, and people use it as accents in dormers or gables.

Log Siding

Today, vinyl siding is available in styles that look like rustic logs, ideal for cabins. While it’s not as popular as clapboard or dutchlap, it’s a good option for projects where real log cabin construction is not possible.

Shake Siding

Shake siding originated from the Northwest and East coats of the U.S. Back in the day, people use it to keep their homes protected against the harsh seaboard environments. It can have staggered or straight edges. The earlier option offers a more rustic appearance while the latter one has a more crisp look.

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