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A Comparison Between Sliding and French Patio Doors

Patio doors are great whether you want to extend your living area to the outside or simply want to add eye candy to your property. Some houses, however, may accommodate only one of two styles—sliding or French—thanks to their architectural style. While they offer the same kind of benefits, the aesthetics they impart may be more optimal for one style than the other. 


Today, Harmony Home Improvement, one of CT’s leading providers of home improvement and residential roofing services, discusses the difference between the two patio door styles.


Sliding Patio Doors


Most modern and contemporary homes use sliding patio doors for its no-nonsense, minimal style. This alone meets the requirements of these kinds of homes, where space is a premium and practicality is often emphasized. As you can glean from its name, sliding patio doors operate on a track, which can eliminate the need for extra floor area for the swing space. One other benefit is that sliding patio doors are usually quieter and feature large glass areas.


One caveat: while it doesn’t need swing space, it does need extra wall space, where the door slides into. Before you install this door, make sure you have adequate wall area, typically twice the width of the door itself. Still, its understated design makes it a great fit for any exterior design, such as exterior vinyl siding.


French Patio Doors


On the other hand, French patio doors are hinged, similar to many doors. Unlike sliding doors, French patio doors usually have ornamentation and are thus great for homes that are more elegant in design. These doors do require swing space, so if your home is a bit cramped, this will do more harm than good.


In contrast to sliding patio doors, French patio doors can also accommodate more designs. While there are modern (aka minimalist) types, the classic French patio door generally has multiple, smaller glass panes and an old-school frame design. The swinging motion also tricks the eye into extending the living area outward—or inward, depending on your frame of reference.


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