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6 Signs Your Soffits and Fascia boards Need Replacing

The soffits and fascia boards play a big part in the structure of your home. They help protect the roof from water and debris, as well as keep the rodents out. They also add to the finished look of your home. But like most other structures of a home, they deteriorate over time, especially if they are not well-maintained. Home improvement contractors can easily make the repairs, but if you’re wondering if your soffits and fascia boards need replacing, here are 5 signs you should look out for. 

1. The Paint Looks Cracked and Flaking

Although they have a functional role in the structure of your home, the soffits and fascia boards also need to look like they are well-maintained. If you notice some flaking or cracking in your soffits and fascia boards, then you may need to have them replaced. If left unattended, then they can lead to more issues such as mold or paint bubbles that can cause water to leak in your home.

2. Wobbly and Leaky Gutters

If the gutters of your home look a bit wobbly and unsteady, then their screws and brackets may be loose. This can lead to damage on your fascia boards. And if your home does not have an exterior vinyl siding, they can also be damaged by the leaky gutters. If they become damaged, they can affect the function of your gutters. The fascia boards provide structural support for your gutters, so you need to have them replaced if they are damaged. 

3. There Is Water Building up Inside the Roof

Another sign that you need to have your soffits and fascia boards replaced is noticing water building up inside your roof. This can also happen if you leave your faulty gutters unattended. The water build-up can lead to molds and rot and you can end up spending more on repairs. Be sure to check your soffits and fascia boards if they have water leaking to the roof void of your home.

4. Little or No Ventilation

Vented soffits fascia boards provide ample circulation of air in your home, particularly through the attic. They help keep your home at a favorable temperature by limiting heat and moisture. They also help prevent the wood from rotting and improve air efficiency of your home. If you feel little or no ventilation from your soffits and fascia boards when they should, then they may be damaged. You may need to have them replaced with if this is the case.

5. There Are Traces of Asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful material and is dangerous to your health. If you suspect traces of asbestos in your soffits and fascia boards, call a local contractor that provides good residential roofing services. They can help determine the problem and have them safely replaced.


6. Unwanted Tenants Can Be Found

Rodents, bugs, and other small animals can always take shelter in your home, especially during the colder months. Your soffits and fascia boards are designed to keep them off your roof and attic. But if you notice any bite marks or nest droppings in your home’s attic, then there may be an issue with your soffits and fascia boards. It is best to fix this as soon as possible before it can lead to even more costly repairs.

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