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4 Tips on Planning Your Deck

Decks are multipurpose home additions that look great in any season and in any kind of property. However, it’s easy to mess it up when you install it without a plan, as the ones you see in catalogs have been properly planned, sited and installed. To make one as beautiful as you see in pictures, you need a plan. 



Fortunately, our reputation as one of CT’s most trusted residential roofing contractors isn’t limited to just replacing your roof. We also handle exterior work, and that includes decks. Here’s our short guide on how to plan yours, the easy way.


1. Needs Before Wants. Make a checklist of what exactly you require from your deck. You’ll quickly find that the hot tub that you want may be low on your list—and other items as well. If you want to make your deck a porch or your family wants a place where they can grill on Sundays, accommodate those first before branching out to things lower on your priorities.


2. Location Matters. As in real estate, location is king. That extends to every part of your home. In general, the best location for a deck is where it can extend traffic into and out of your home. 


3. Measure Twice, Cut Once. This is wisdom in carpentry—and residential roof replacement—that applies to most things in life. Depending on the size available to you, you should decide the shape of your deck and dictate the maximum (and minimum) measurements of each side. Use simple polygons like squares and rectangles to maximize the most of your space instead of more decorative shapes like spheres or triangles.


4. Go for Consistency. The last thing you need is a deck that doesn’t fit your home’s aesthetic language. Choose styles, materials, and shapes that complement your home’s architecture. It looks jarring to guests when your home is an art deco beauty paired with a post-modern, utilitarian deck. Colors should match your home’s prevalent color scheme as well, which means a careful selection of fabrics and upholstery goes a long way.


Harmony Home Improvement is one of Connecticut’s most trusted contractors, and our expertise goes beyond decks—we also dabble in vinyl siding and metal roofing systems. For more information about how we can improve your home, call us today at (860) 645-8899 or fill out our contact form. Harmony Home Improvement is a proud CT contractor serving all residents of Connecticut.


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