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4 Things You Can Do After a Hailstorm

A hailstorm is an unavoidable weather phenomenon that can greatly affect your home. After all, it is possible for hailstones to damage your roof and break your windows if they’re large enough. However, once a hailstorm has passed, don’t panic and overthink about the damage it caused. Stay calm and keep in mind these four things you can do, according to roofing and deck contractors of Harmony Home Improvement.

1. Record the Date and Time of the Hailstorm – Experts recommend that you record the date and time of the hailstorm, taking note of when it started and when it ended as your insurance company might need to verify this information with weather records.

2. Inspect Your Property – Once it’s safe to venture outside, be sure to inspect your property from the ground level. Look for how much hail is covering your property, record the size of the hailstones, check for leaks in your home’s interior and see if your roof sustained any damage during the storm. Be sure to take as many photos as you can as this can help your insurance claims process run smoother and faster than expected.

3. Find a Reputable Contractor – If you’re uncertain about the extent of damage that your roofing system sustained, find a reputable residential roofing services provider as soon as you can. Once they’ve arrived in your home, have them inspect your roof for hail damage. Keep in mind, this service should absolutely be free. If a contractor is asking you to pay for the inspection, part ways with their company and find someone else instead.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company – Before your contractor arrives at your home, contact your insurance company and file your claims. Be sure to have your records complete and on hand so the process will run more smoothly. Once the adjuster arrives, have them meet with your roofer so they can confirm the extent of the damage and tell the adjuster repair or replacement estimates themselves.

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