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3 Things to Ask Before Getting a New Entry Door

Once you’ve hired trusted home improvement contractors for your entry door installation, you’re already one step closer to completing your project. However, what you have in mind for your entry door may not exactly be the best choice for your home. When in doubt, just run it through your contractor and ask for their professional opinion. To give you a clearer idea, here are some things you’ll need to discuss.

1. “What Type of Door Should I Use?” 

Even with the wide range of options available, you may have already picked what you think is appropriate. But if you’re not so sure, don’t hesitate to consult with your contractor on whether you made the right choice or not. As you discuss this, make sure the door you’ll choose meets the style, security and energy efficiency requirements of your home to ensure you truly benefit from it.

2. “Should My Entry Door Swing Inward or Outward?”

Most entry doors are designed to swing inward, since this offers better security. Not to mention that like most people, you might already be used to your entry door swinging toward your home. However, where you live can also factor in whether or not your entry door swings inward or outward.

In parts of the country that experience tropical storms and hurricanes, contractors who specialize in exterior and residential roofing services often recommend that the homes should have the exterior doors swing outward to make them less likely to be blown in by high winds.

3. “What Kind of Material Should I Use?” 

  • Your entry door is one of the first things anyone will notice when they see your home, defining how your property is perceived. Here are three common materials you can choose from.
  • Fiberglass doors are one of the most affordable in the market. They’re also low maintenance, energy-efficient and extremely durable. They’re available in a whole range of options, with some even mimicking the look of wood.

  • Wood doors are your best choice if you’re looking for something more traditional and timeless. However, they’re more expensive than fiberglass, and require more maintenance to preserve its appearance. This kind of material is not the best choice when your entry door faces east or west since direct sunlight can warp and damage wood.

  • Steel doors are your best option if you want something strong and durable. They can be painted in colors that can complement the exterior style of your home, while offering affordability and energy efficiency.

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