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3 Myths About Patio Doors Debunked

Almost every aspect of home improvement is surrounded by myths. You can be installing replacement windows or building a deck, and in the course of researching these projects, you are likely to encounter a list or two of myths about them. Talking to other homeowners can also lead you to a few pieces of information that are probably untrue.

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When you hear or read about something that makes you doubt, what matters is to find out what’s behind it. Doing a little research often uncovers the truth. When it comes to patio doors, here are some of the myths you should never believe.

Myth: There’s No Such Thing as an Energy-Efficient Patio Door

This might have had some truth in it back in the past, but these days, the only way to get a patio door that’s not energy-efficient is to get a cheap one or work with an inexperienced or dishonest contractor. Others believe it’s the large glass area that’s to blame. However, if you buy a patio door from a known manufacturer and have it installed by a certified professional, you can benefit from an ENERGY STAR®-rated patio door.

Myth: Patio Doors Don’t Offer Safety and Security

Don’t let this myth get in the way of your enjoyment of a door that leads to your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or some other relaxing area close to nature. Modern patio doors are much stronger than older versions, including the glass. There are locking mechanisms that ensure your security, and a sturdy door that isn’t easy to pry open or break. Get your patio doors from reputable manufacturers or patio door and deck contractors so you don’t have to worry about storms or intrusions.

Myth: Patio Doors Compromise Privacy

Modern patio doors have big glass areas that allow plenty of light and frame great views of the outdoors. If you’re concerned about privacy, however, there are several ways to achieve it even if your patio doors have large glass panes. Blinds, shades, and privacy films are three good examples.

There are many other myths out there about patio doors, but in the end, what matters is the truth behind them. Get in touch with Harmony Home Improvement. We offer products and services you can trust, including residential roofing services. Call us at (860) 645-8899 or leave us a message here. We work with homeowners in New Haven, CT.


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