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Can I Replace my Roof in Winter?

  • Harmony Home Improvement
  • December 30, 2021
Uh oh. The unthinkable has happened. As if winter wasn’t tough enough on your skin and car, now your roof has an issue and the warm temperatures of summer are just a distant memory. Winter is on your doorstep — and so are...

Can I DIY My Roof?

There are people out there who would stop at nothing in the interest of saving money, including risky home repair projects like roof replacement and repair. Rather than hiring a professional for the service, it’s become increasingly popular to try working on that...

Should I Restore My Deck?

  • Harmony Home Improvement
  • March 27, 2021
The time for being able to fully enjoy your deck is nearly upon us here in Connecticut. With spring and summer rolling around the corner, we’re sure you’ll be out there grilling, relaxing, and just sitting out on the deck enjoying the warmer...